What Our Clients Are Saying About Aloka Creative :


It is truly a blessing to collaborate with like-minded individuals who ‘get’ your essence and your purpose.  Such was the creative journey that I recently embarked upon with Brooke Osborn (Creative Director)  and Dee Gandhi  of Aloka Creative.  Their precision and professionalism displayed built immediate trust for me.  Both have discerning eyes and subsequently this level of excellence reflects beautifully in their work.  I ‘m excited to bear witness to their future productions as these two certainly have the Midas Touch.  ~ Nadine McNeil, Global Transformation Catalyst


"Time spent in Gandhi's company was honestly a pure delight!! The time flew by as we got completely absorbed by the opportunities to capture the essence of the beautiful place we were in with ease, grace and outbursts of being joyfully ourselves. Such a rare and precious opportunity to collaborate with someone whose craft is so close to their heart and now I have the most exquisite set of images to use for my work. Thank you, thank you beyond words for this great gift." - Jade Wood



"What an amazing experience! I really appreciate the way Gandhi works – his interest to understand people, to listen and feel who is behind that face. I love my pictures, no make-up, no perfectionism, but the pure me. Exactly what I was after. Gandhi made me feel like a very close friend, and even more, he made me feel special and beautiful. I’m pretty sure, this was the first, but not the last shooting with him! I’m so grateful to have got to know this wonderful soul." - Kathrin Schünemann


"I loved working with Gandhi. His professional eye and creative intuition helped produce dozens of stunning images for my online platform. He engaged my ideas and needs with passion and enthusiasm taking everything to the next level. The resulting photos were far beyond anything I could have expected. Moreover, his guidance on branding and marketing helped me make the decisions I needed to present myself in a way that was both client friendly and authentically me." - Ben Tree


"Gandhi has an infectious enthusiasm for beautiful moments and the right light. Gandhi and Aloka Creative made me feel at ease, confident and present. He has an appreciation for natural beauty (the inside kind) and his energy is calm and focused,  straightforward and honest." - Carmel Amit

Buckman Ovation

"Working with AlokaCreative has been a real pleasure, with a balance of professionalism and personal commitment to my project. They make a cohesive team focused on authentic results and establishing a creative fun environment. I've appreciated Ishta's zestful engagement, conceptualization and reliable communication. And Gandhi's photography and web design is natural, flowing and both vintage and modern. It's important to me to know that beyond the ability to deliver the goods, that Aloka shares the same essential values as I do and, as such, understands who I am and cares about" representing me."  - Rick Buckman Coe

Alchemy Ovation

"The beauty of working with these guys is their ability to expand on our ideas and create a finished project more amazing then we could have ever imagined! Between them, they bring a plethora of experience, and even offered a relevant business model that we continue to use with much success. Gandhi has been a huge support, and we would strongly recommend working with Aloka to any conscious entrepreneurs looking to make a name by doing something extraordinary!   Big Love. "   - Alchemy


"It was incredible to work with AlokaCreative on this project.  Gandhi and his team made me feel comfortable in an environment that was unfamiliar to me, which says a lot about their level of professionalism.  Throughout the process, they were attentive, creative and a pleasure to work with.  I m extremely happy with the end product and would recommend AlokaCreative to anyone with a creative vision that they want to bring alive.  Gandhi has exceeded my expectations and helped me see myself through an entirely new lens."   - Nick Sol


"After seeing a picture posted on FB taken by Aloka, I contacted them to see if they could photograph and design my website. From the get go, they were helpful and open to listening to my needs.

We discussed some details and pricing via some Skype sessions, and then I went to Vancouver for a photo shoot. I felt like I was in great hands, not having much experience with building and preparing for a website.

There was a lot of going back and forth, and at some point I felt that I was not getting what was discussed. Aloka’s team was very sensitive to this and we worked together to get to the point where I was happy. I learned a lot during the time my website was built, and found the Aloka team extremely  knowledgeable, they were able to help me understand how to manage and navigate through my website. I enjoyed working with them thoroughly, and would highly recommend them. Gandhi, thank you" - Deborah Small


“I feel Gandhi's photographs represented the look I wished to convey to my audience and judges, and helped me win the 2012 title as Mrs. B.C. I have no doubts that Gandhi's heart, passion and talent for capturing people’s essence will help him rise as a prolific, profitable and passionate photographer known throughout Canada!”  Phoenix Muranetz 


“Working with Aloka Creative was awesome. They  were super helpful in helping me pose for the photos which I hadn’t had that much experience at, and really brings it to set. Gandhi brings his great personality , and he just floats in and you have a great time until the shoot is done. He is really helpful in helping me picking the best photos and doing all of the touch up , landing me with a great photo package.” - Paula McGlynn  


"Gandhi is super easy to be around, and that is seen in his portraits he shoots. He brought out the best in me, and it was a tonne of fun. Beyond this, Gandhi knows how to design and build a personal brand, and loves to share and play around with ideas in that realm. Very fun, inspiring, enthusiastic and genuine guy to work with. Partner with Aloka Creative and you'll have fun and get great value." – George Hoffman


"I had by far one of the best experiences getting my headshots with Dee Gandhi. Not only were his pictures of superb quality, Gandhi devoted an entire night to the shoot. He painstakingly consulted me on nearly every single photo we took and made sure my input was of upmost importance. When I received my final product I was very happy and am eager to work with Aloka Creative again in the future."  - Trim Zherka